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Fighting for the issues that matter.

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Texas needs common sense border security reform to reestablish peace and security at the border. 


The rapid and avoidable deterioration of the Texas border has been as senseless as it has been foreseeable, and Suzanne will fight to reduce the flow of illegal entrants and reprioritize the value of citizenship. Suzanne supports legislating funds to finish the wall and improving border security enhancements that should have been completed long ago while simultaneously altering the current rhetoric from being one that invites criminals and lawbreakers to one that establishes the truth, that individuals seeking to violate American law will not be tolerated. Finally, amnesty for criminals is never the answer, and those illegal aliens currently in our state who do commit crimes should not be allowed to remain here under any circumstances.


Organized cartels take advantage of and create opportunities for chaos at the border. These groups exploit gaps in border security to create an influx of terrorists, narcotics, and human traffickers into the country. If elected, Suzanne will stand for a strong border and seek an official terrorist designation for cartels. 


Washington continuously downplays the significant vulnerability leftist policies have created, but Texans know the truth. This administration has introduced weaknesses that can be exploited by terrorists, narcotics smugglers, and human traffickers. Illegal immigration does not only concern peaceful asylum seekers who are looking for a better life. It is illogical to believe that individuals are able to successfully evade law enforcement daily, but networks of criminal organizations could not do the same. Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry annually that provides illicit funding that fuels cartels and terrorists. This criminal enterprise directly affects the safety of Texas residents and businesses. 

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Suzanne believes that a free and democratic election is integral to our national identity. Yet, for the past twenty years, election integrity in our country has drastically degraded. A vote is a civic duty, a check on political power; and the voice of the people must be treated with the respect it deserves. In order to honor each voter’s right to participate in electing their governing officials every vote must be counted correctly. 


Suzanne will support the necessary measures to clean up our voter rolls and implement voter I.D. Only eligible, permanent citizens should be allowed to cast votes in our election. She also supports the necessary audits to ensure the integrity of our elections. If elected, Suzanne would support legislation to audit every election and the publication of that audit to voters in order to maintain the trust of the public in our election systems.


Suzanne understands that fair and free elections are the foundation of preserving liberty in Texas and in the United States. For that reason, Suzanne will stand against voter fraud and work to hold Texas’ electoral process to the highest standard of excellence. Increasing audits of elections, vastly improving voting machinery, limiting types of voting that are less secure such as mail-in voting only to instances where it is necessary are all important.


Each voter has a right to express their opinion in voting for their elected representatives. A vote is a civic duty, a check on political power; and the voice of the people must be treated with the respect it deserves. To honor each voter’s right to participate in electing their governing officials every vote must be counted correctly and treated fairly. This cannot be done when ballots are cast by illegal aliens and deceased persons. 

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As stewards of the life that God has granted us, we must work diligently to uphold its sanctity from conception until death. This effort includes, especially, defending the most defenseless, the unborn. 


Furthermore, as a matter of policy, it is clear that the Constitution does not contain a right to abortion at all, but the Declaration of Independence certainly does grant all people the right to life. States must be permitted to enact laws that reflect the value of life. Our dual federal-state system of government guarantees nothing less. However, this idea is currently under attack as can be seen with the House of Representatives passing of H.R. 3755, which abolishes state laws on late-term abortions.


As your Representative, and also as a mother of four grown children, Suzanne will fight for the rights of the unborn and the rights of the states to enact laws to protect these precious lives. Stand with her as she battles the abortion lobby in the war to uphold our most precious freedom, the freedom to simply live. 

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2nd Amendment Rights

As an avid gun owner who also holds a Concealed Handgun License, Suzanne will defend the right of Texans to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment is essential to the security of America and a free people. "Shall not be infringed" is not a suggestion, it is a requirement, and essential to a free nation.


The number of Americans holding valid concealed carry permits is growing almost exponentially each year as hundreds of thousands of Americans use firearms to defend themselves and their loved ones. However, every day, Americans are goaded into accepting the opinion that firearms – and our 2nd Amendment right itself – are inherently evil and cannot be trusted in the hands of the American people. Every day, infringement bears down upon gun owners and manufacturers alike, in direct opposition to the Bill of Rights.


Sneaky, round-a-bout infringements such as Obama-era “Operation Chokepoint” should not be tolerated by the American people or their representatives. I believe that the words “not to be infringed” mean just that: the right of the people to bear arms is not to be infringed.


For all law-abiding citizens, the government should not restrict the purchase and possession of firearms and putting a limit on our second amendment rights. American liberty is in part founded on the ability to defend oneself from individuals or tyrannical government, and to that end our second amendment rights are crucial.

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Mandates and Vaccine Passports

Suzanne is against the use of any government mandates regarding masks or vaccines. Government legislation requiring the use of masks or proof of vaccination should not be required for any reason. The government should also not use private entities to circumvent the rights of Americans -- i.e., the infamous OSHA regulation proposed by Joe Biden in late 2021. Additionally, Private companies should not be enticed or threatened by the government to enforce more stringent policies then they deem fit at a private level.


At every turn, Biden’s executive orders regarding mask and vaccine mandates have been questioned, appealed, or rejected. While the courts have handled such federal activities thus far, this works as an example of why the legislator, rather than the executive, should write legislation. Joe Biden has continued to use executive overreach in order to push through unconstitutional regulations which are illegal, weak, and can be struck down by the next president at the drop of a hat. Conservatives should be firmer, working to write laws into the books which can actually produce long term change.


People ought to be free to be vaccinated or mask as they please, but the decision cannot be forced upon them. The very concept of forcing individuals by law to go through medical procedures that they do not want or to wear something they do not wish to wear is more than unamerican, it is authoritarian.

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After many decades of work, the United States was finally energy independent in 2019. However, with the stroke of a pen the Biden administration put an end to the hope that such independence could be maintained in the long term. On his first day in office Joe Biden signed a series of Executive Orders, among which was the termination of the Keystone XL pipeline. That E.O. also stopped tens of thousands of full-time jobs and billions in spending that could have assisted in America’s recovery from COVID.


Suzanne believes in the need for a renegotiating of the Key Stone pipeline to bring back jobs, bring back money, and rebuild America. Additionally, Suzanne stands behind stopping Joe Biden from attempting to further shut down American oil production, which would only further damage the country. Finally, Suzanne will fight against extreme and often temporary executive orders which stop the legislator from doing its job and instead will work to enact genuine policy in the fight for energy independence.

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Startups and inventors produce new innovative products that grow the economy and create jobs for Americans.


Unfortunately, the America Invents Act of 2011 and 4 key Supreme Court rulings have decimated the previously strong patent rights our Founding Fathers included in our Constitution.


Startups are under attack by Big Tech and the Chinese, using a non-judicial tribunal within the patent office, the PTAB. The PTAB has invalidated over 84% of duly issued patents brought before it.


I strongly support startups and independent inventors across America.


If elected, I will be a sponsor to the Thomas Massie’s - Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act – HR 5874.

HR 5874 will eliminate the PTAB, restoring America to the pinnacle of global innovation once again.  

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